My name is Aaron Armstrong, and I am a follower of Jesus, husband, father & pastor.

I met Jesus when I was fourteen years old.  It was a not dramatic transformation, but it was very real for me.  I grew up going to church and had learned to play the game pretty well.  However, I went with our youth group to a camp where Jesus became more than a word to me.  He became the savior, boss and leader of my life.  From that point forward I have not been the same.  From that point forward I have spent my entire life seeking to glorify Him and make disciples.  I haven’t always gotten it right, but hopefully God will use my mistakes to encourage you to follow Him more closely.

A few years after making the step to follow Jesus, I met a beautifully, sassy young lady name – Julie.  We met during my freshmen year in college at Union University.  After a couple of years of dating, we tied the knot and have been following Jesus together for 21 years now.  Along the way God has blessed us with two precious little boys who are growing up way faster than I ever anticipated.  To say the least – I am blessed.

Just recently God called our family to move to North Alabama where I now serve as the Senior Pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church in Ardmore, AL.  Piney Grove is a great church that is making a great impact in the Kingdom of God through it’s ministry and mission involvement.  Check out what’s going on at www.pineygrovebaptist.church.

As you read this blog, I am sure that you will find grammatically errors a plenty.  Remember, I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way.  However, I hope that you will learn how follow Jesus a little closer and bring God a little more glory as you journey along the way.

I you would like to contact me, feel free to shoot me an email to aaron@pineygrovebaptist.church.


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