Please Forward Our Mail…

“Please forward our mail.”

This is the request that I recently made to the United Stated Postal Service.  Along with about a million other organizations and businesses that we had to change our personal information and mailing address with in order to move. Well, maybe not a million, but it seemed like it.

So, why?  Why did we forward our mail?

On August 27, 2017 I accepted the call to serve as the Senior Pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church in Ardmore, AL.  After accepting the call we went about the business of telling our friends, resigning at Revolution, putting our house on the market (It sold in two weeks for full price – YAY!) and packing all of our stuff.  The last couple of months have been a whirlwind experience for our family and there is more to come.  We still have to have our home built, tell the movers bring our stuff that is in storage, move from our temporary home and get settled at the new home.

So, back the question – Why? Why did we forward our mail?

We made the decision to forward our mail, our family and our hearts to a new church family for one simple reason.  God called.  God made it absolutely clear to us that our work at Revolution was complete and He had a mission for us in Ardmore, AL.  I don’t fully know what that mission is, but I have a good idea.  No matter what it is I am looking forward to Him unfolding the rest of it in the years to come.

So, I have a question for you.  Why don’t you forward your mail?

I am not talking about you packing up all your stuff and moving to Alabama, but if you do the weather is nice down here.  At least it is right now.  What I am talking about is hearing the call of God and going where He sends you.  For some of you God has been prompting you to talk to a friend about Jesus, but you are afraid of their response.  For others He is burdening your heart to go on a mission trip, but you are worried about the cost.  For others it is a call to ministry, and you have no idea where to start.

From personal experience I have just one piece of advice for you – FORWARD YOUR MAIL.  Just do it.  Join God in what He is calling you to do.  Sure it’s scary, but it’s so worth it.  It is totally worth the paperwork, phone calls, financial risk and relational changes.  It is totally worth it, because you are joining God in what He is doing and lives will be changed – beginning with you.

So, will you do it?  Will you join God in the thing that He is calling you to do?  Will you forward your mail?


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