Holy Tuesday 2017

On Holy Tuesday we see that Jesus dealt a lot with the religious elite of his day.  We find his interactions in Matthew 23-25. One of the primary things we draw from these interactions is that Jesus viewed these folks to be hypocrites.  I know that is a strong word, but it was true.  They literally said one thing and did another, which makes them hypocrites.

The truth is that we all struggle with hypocrisy.  We claim to be followers of Christ, but we struggle at times to follow Him as we should.  So, today I want to share a few tips for all of us hypocrites (I didn’t intend for that to rhyme, but it did so I’ll just leave it there for your enjoyment.). Here we go…

  1. Admit that you are a hypocrite.  Over and over God’s Word reminds us how important admitting our sin is to us finding victory over sin.  If we would all admit it, we can then be able to do something about it.
  2. Spend time with other recovering hypocrites.  We are told throughout the Bible that we should gather with other believers to worship and grow in our faith.  Guess what?!  Other believers are hypocrites, too.  So, relax when you gather with them, they are struggling with the same stuff.  The only problem is that not all of them have admitted that they are hypocrites.
  3. Read about how to overcome hypocrisy.  I am not advocating a new self-help book.  God’s Word is filled with teaching on how to overcome hypocrisy and walk in honesty and humility.  If you want to you could start with what Jesus told the religious leaders in Matthew 23-25.
  4. Talk to God about your hypocrisy.  Ask God to show you areas of your life where you are a hypocrite.  Ask him to show you how to walk as He walked here on earth.
  5. Never get comfortable with being a hypocrite.  Learn to hate your hypocrisy as God does.  When you start to hate it, you will be a hypocrites that much less.

I hope this helps you this week.  The fact is we all are hypocrites.  We all need God’s help.  No one is perfect.  We all need God’s guidance along the way.  It all begins by admitting we need His help.


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