Palm Sunday 2017

Have you ever been to a concert or sporting event that was electric?  I am talking about high energy and a roaring crowd.  There is something very special, powerful and even exciting about an event like that.

As Jesus road into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey nearly 2000 years ago the city was like that.  Folks were shouting Hosanna and laying down their cloaks or palm branches.  It was a powerful moment.  Yet, it was a moment that draws a line in the sand.  That line is the line between fans and followers.  At this moment in history we see two kinds of folks gathered around Jesus.  We see fans – those who were just caught up in the moment- and we see followers – those who were with Jesus to the very end.

The truth is that not much has changed.  There are still those of us who are fans and those who are true followers.  The difference is about a a changed-life.  The difference is a surrendered life to Jesus and His mission.  The difference is between those of us who are only seen following Jesus in a crowd, but not when things get rough.

Where do you stand right now?  Are you a fan?  Are you a follower? Take a moment and read Matthew 21:1-11 to see where to stand.

If you are a fan, Jesus is calling you to much more than Sundays and church services.  He wants you to experience a life surrendered to Him for His glory.  If you are a follower, take the opportunities this week that God gives you to share His Gospel with others.  Also, don’t forget to invite someone to an Easter service with you.

If you don’t have a church home and live in the Memphis, TN / Oakland, TN area, I would like to invite you to join us this Easter – April 16th – at 9:30 AM or 11AM.  For more details, check out our website – – and visit us this Sunday.


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