Breaking the Silence

For the last year or so I have not posted to this site.  I can come up with a laundry list reasons like “I’ve been busy” or “My dog ate my keyboard”, but the honest answer is that this blog hasn’t been a priority.  I’ve allowed a lot things to keep me from sharing what God is up to in my life.  That ends today.

Now that I have confessed my laziness and lack of focus, what’s next?

My plan is to post a simple update of what God is teaching me and what I am reading at least once a week.  It is my prayer that this site will encourage and challenge you to dive deeper into your relationship with God and his mission for your life.

What has God been up to in my life?  Well, several things.

First, God has opened up some doors for me to begin a hobby that I have wanted to do for decades but I didn’t have the resources. I took up woodworking. I have been learning all I can about different techniques, woods, styles of furniture, etc.  There is so much to learn, but it’s been a blast.  It has been one of the most relaxing things I’ve done in years.

Second, I have spent a significant time reading through the Bible this year.  I have been using Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s reading plan.  This plan is aggressive, but it has been exactly what I needed to chew on this year.  It has taken most of my leisure reading time up, but it has been great to walk through the Bible this year.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a plan to read through the Bible next year.

Third, I have spent more time this year focused on my family.  For the last several years my family has gotten the leftovers from ministry and church planting.  It has been my goal to give them my best rather than my second best.  It has been a challenge to balance it all, but it has paid off big at home.  And that is what really matters. That is the place where I should be making disciples first, right?

Well, that’s about all I have for now!  Keep coming back and reading what God is up to in my neck of the woods.



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