The Beauty Of Reflection

Holy Bible on a wooden church bench.

A couple of weeks ago I began the process of memorizing 1  Peter.  This letter is a powerful and relevant letter written to first century believers in Asia who were facing some intense persecution for following after Jesus.  They faced political, economic and physical persecution.  It was much more intense than anything we would know in our comfortable air conditioned churches in America.  Yet, for some reason the words of 1 Peter keep speaking to me.

The reason that they are speaking so much to me is that every morning I get up and recite all that I have been able to memorize.  I pick up around 5 or 6 verses a week, so I have memorized through 1 Peter 1:11. And the further I go the more the earlier verses resonate with me.  I believe that the reason they resonate so much is becuase I am having time to reflect of them.  I am not just reading over them and moving on.  I am rolling them over in my head several times throughout the day.

Isn’t that what we’ve lost in our busy, jam-packed, hurried Christian lives?  We are so full and try to digest so much that once we complete our Bible Study, listened to a sermon or attended a group we just move on.  We move on without giving a second thought to what we’ve just learned.  We move on without giving another nod to the things that God is trying to work into our heart and character.

This week in a class that is being taught by one of the men on our church I was reminded of what Paul wrote in Philippians 4:8 when he wrote “think on these things.”  As believers we have to do more than just gulp down God’s Word like medicine.  We need to take time to digest, think and even reflect on it.  That is where the development of our character and daily application of what we’ve learned happens.

So, what scripture did you read this AM?  What are you planning to read tonight?  Whatever it is take some time to reflect on it.  It is in the reflecting that you will discover the true beauty of God’s Word.


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