We must…

This morning I got up and immediately my mind was flooded with a list of things that I needed to do today.  I needed to move some things at the church.  I needed to work some more on the message for Sunday.  I needed to do some projects around the house, and the list goes on.

However, in the midst of thinking and stressing about all the things that I needed to do, I was reminded of some other things I really needed to do.  I needed to read the Bible, because with out God’s Word as my guide I will get off course today. I needed to worship God, so that I would not be tempted to worship myself or anything else.  I needed to pray, because my to do list often gets in the way of God’s to do list for my life.  You see there were a lot of things that I thought I needed to do, but there were somethings that I really must do.

Isn’t that something we all struggle with from time to time.  We have so much going on and so much to do that we give into the idea that doing stuff will help us really begin to enjoy life.  Yet, the truth is that there will always be something to do.  There will always be a battle to fight or a task to accomplish.  However, there may not be more time to spend here on earth getting to know who God is and His purpose for us here.  We’ve got to learn to distinguish what we need to do from what we must do.

In Acts 5 we find the apostles (those guys who were leading the church after Jesus left) in a difficult situation.  They had been arrested for preaching, teaching and healing in Jesus’ name.  As a result, they were drug out in front of a tribunal of sorts and threatened with their lives and warned to stop preaching about Jesus.  Here was their response in Acts 5:29, “We must obey God rather than men.”  

I can think of a lot other things that I would have said, but these guys had it figured out.  They understood the difference between what they had to do from what they must do.  Sure they could have obeyed the religious leaders and officials of their day and sunk into a form of spiritual mediocrity.  Yet, the realized to be saved by God’s amazing grace was also a call into sharing that amazing grace with the world.  They didn’t preach, teach and heal in Jesus’ name because it made them famous.  They did so because they were so captivated by God’s love, mercy and grace that they couldn’t help but joyfully obey Him.

So, what about you?  What is on your to do list today?  What are the things that are so important that you have to get them done?  What about God?  Where is He at?  How important is He on your list?

If you aren’t ready to answer those questions right now, that’s fine.  However, if you are a follower of Jesus, are you willing to say what the disciples said in Acts 5:29?  Are you willing to lay aside the unimportant things for the things that must be done?


One thought on “We must…

  1. This is so great brother! I just wanted to share that I was going through something very similar this past weekend. As you know, we took a long weekend trip to Florida to lead worship for a camp. During the trip i was going through the usual process of gathering music, coordinating with the band members, pastors, sound guy, scheduling – all the many tasks that are involved in making the service flow. It wasn’t until the second night of worship that I realized I had not spent any time with God in a one-on-one intimate level. I neglected my quiet time. I barely prayed. I find myself often going through a very familiar process that has become somewhat second nature – trusting the Jeff Gafford flow, instead of making God #1 on the agenda and asking Him to guide me in my decision making. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of leading worship on the second night that God revealed that I am up there going through motions and that I’ve neglected Him. IT was Jeff Gafford leading a worship service – trusting in my own abilities. Doing good because it’s good and because I know it’s right, instead of giving Him the attention He deserves from me and following His lead. This is the exact reason why I love Worship so much. Sometimes I get busy playing music and God is always there to remind me that He is the reason behind every breath, every note, and every thought I have. I must simply get out of the way and allow Him to be the leader in every aspect.


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