The Rain Must Come…


As I sit hear this afternoon staring out the window of 43 Main Street, I am seeing an all too familiar scenario play out.  The clouds are gray, the rain is coming down and more wintry precipitation is on its way.  The last few weeks have been filled with the same scenario playing out over and over again.  As a result the social media sites have been full of locals complaining about the weather.  Some for good reason due to damage to their homes and others just because they are tired of having their plans cancelled due to inclement weather.

Here’s my take on the whole thing.  The rain and the icy weather must come.  Without it we would not know adversity.  We would not know what it means to adapt and adjust to the weather.  Also, if the rain didn’t come we would not appreciate the beauty that is spring and summer.

So, where am I going with this?

Well, without some seasons of difficulty we wouldn’t appreciate the seasons of blessing.  Without the trials of life we would not learn as much about God and our selves as we do in the midst of suffering.  Without the rainy days our faith would not be nearly as refined as it is when we go through the crucible of life.  The truth is we need rainy days.

If you look into scripture, you don’t have to look very far before you see that God used difficult days to make Abraham the great man of faith that he was.  God used adversity to teach the nation of Israel to trust Him through the good and the bad.  He used adversity to bring King David to power.  He used trials get a prophet named Jonah back on track and ultimately bring a people to repentance.  He used the betrayal, the mock trials, the scourgings, and the crucifixion of His only Son to bring us back to Him.  Ever since then He has used suffering to grow the church and spread the Gospel to the nations.

So, when you face a rainy day, don’t dread it or wish it away.  Instead, embrace it and look for what God is going to do through it. God will use it to bring Him glory and bring you closer to Him.


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