I Talk Too Much

I am not sure if it is an occupational hazard or is due to the fact that I spend a good bit of my days alone.  Yet, the truth is –  I talk too much.  

This truth hit me like a ton of bricks last night when I was watching a local pick-up basketball game with some of my fellow Revolutionaries.  As I sat and watched the game, I talked the entire time.  I think I didn’t shut up for one single moment.  I even made the comment to the person I was talking to that I talk too much, but I just kept on running my mouth.

Before you start to click on the comment section below and make a snarky comment, there is something I want to point out. As I think about my constant yammering, I am reminded of a verse that I spoke on last year during our church’s ‘FAITH WORKS‘ series.  Here is what this verse says – “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.”  It is found in James 1:19.  This verse is a powerful reminder that we all need to listen more and speak less.

If we would listen more and speak less, we would…

  • Learn more about the needs of others.
  • Hear more from God.
  • Be taken more seriously when we do speak.
  • Hear the other side of the argument better before we respond.

Do you struggle with this?  Do you find yourself talking too much?  If so, let’s make it our commitment – with God’s help – to listen more and speak less.


2 thoughts on “I Talk Too Much

  1. For me this another evidence that all scripture Is there for our instruction and reprof. God knew before hand that our tendences would be self centered and that we would need to be remind to listen to others so we can decern how best to show the love of Christ.


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