I Am Thankful

I Am Thankful

Since the turkey is in the oven and I have a moment to step away from helping prepare our family’s Thanksgiving dinner, I want to take a moment to share a few things that I am thankful for this year.

First, I am thankful for where my relationship with God is.  I am certainly not where I would like to be or even where the Father probably wants me to be.  Yet, I am further down the road than I was at this time last year.  Over the past year God has taught me how to trust His promises over my abilities, He has led me through some very deep waters and dark valleys, and HE has ignited a great craving for His Word within me.  All the while He has continued to pour out His grace to me.  Grace to cover my sin and failures.

Second, I am thankful for where my family is.  This year my wife took the very bold and sacrificial step to leave her job and come home to support me and educate our kids.  This step was not easy for many reasons, but it has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made.  It has allowed our family to connect in ways that we were never able to before.  Also, it has allowed Julie and I to be partner not just in life but also in ministry, which has been very cool.

Third, I am thankful for where Revolution Church is.  Over the past year we have experienced some great victories and mind-blowing challenges.  Yet, by God’s grace we have made it through and we are a stronger and better church family than ever before.  One of the main reason I am so thankful for where we are is due to the fact that more of the Revolution Church family is serving than ever before.  As a result, things are happening – like stages are getting built, ministries are getting started & air conditioners are getting cleaned.  I can hardly wait to see what life-change God brings out of this.

Fourth, I am thankful for my brothers in Christ.  God has placed some mighty men of God in my life, that I will forever be grateful for.  These men have carried me at many points throughout the past year.  They have encouraged me to go on, when I didn’t feel like it.  They have simply showed up when I asked.  They are elders, pastors, Mexican food connoisseurs, leaders in the business world, leaders in the church; but most importantly they are my brothers and my friends.  And I am so grateful that I get to journey through life with them.

Well, I just heard a timer chime so I better get back to my Thanksgiving dinner responsibilities.  I hope you have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and wonderful time with your family.  If you have a moment, would you comment below and share one thing you are thankful for this year?


One thought on “I Am Thankful

  1. As you already mentioned above, I’m so thankful for grace. So many times I question why God would use a sinner like me. but, He restores and He beckons me into movement. He opens doors that challenge me to eliminate the hypocrisy in my life. I’m thankful I have a beautiful wife who also walks beside me, and at times, in front of me with humility. What a Great mysterious God we praise who never quits on us.


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